White Blend Špela 2015 from Mukenauer, Svečina Slovenia

Mukenauer is a small, family producer of mostly white wines, characterized by cool freshness, lightness and moderate content of alcohol. It is located in Svečina, a region north of Maribor, close to the border with Austria. Region is well known for its fresh, sharp white wines. Svečina is especially worth to visit during the wine festivals, which will be also published on our side.


Wine tasted at 7 C. Alcohol 11.5%, Dry.

Pale yellow colour.

Nose: very delicate, lemony, acid green apple, light muscat line in the background

Taste: very fresh, light body with dominated acidity, finish medium long

Wine can be bought at the Mukenauer’s wine estate. For more information please use the links below: 




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