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St. Martin’s – Ljubljana, Central Slovenia

St. Martin’s Day (Martinovanje) – in Slovenia St. Martin’s Day  is regarded as a most important wine day of the year – this is the day when must turns into wine. The events and celebrations take place all around Slovenia, and a special menus including roasted goose with red cabbage and mlinci (traditional pasta made from dried flat bread) are often served with the glass of the new wine.

In Ljubljana the day is celebrated with the event which presents extensive selection of Slovenian wines and local culinary delicacies in the very heart of the city. Tasting points are located in the different parts of the old center of Ljubljana based on the origin of the wines. So visiting this well organised event will also give you an overview of Slovenian wine regions and different wine styles produce

Ljubljana ‘Ljubljana’ by Gilad Rom available at flickr under a Creative Commons Attribution