Wine Festival at Old Vine House – Maribor, Eastern Slovenia

Old Vine House Vojašniška ulica 8, Maribor, Slovenia

At the same time as many artistic events are held during the traditional summer Lent Festival,  the house of oldest vine in the world organizes the wine event right in the  center of the festival's venue. Wines from all Slovenian wine regions will be presented during two weeks time:   Friday, 26 June: Furmint Evening Saturday, 27 June: Chardonnay Evening Sunday, 28 June: Cuvée Evening […]

MalVin Festival – Novo Mesto, South – Eastern Slovenia

Novo Mesto - Glavni Trg Glavni Trg, Novo Mesto, Slovenia

MalVin Festival (also named Small Festival of Grand Wines) takes place in the historical centre of Novo Mesto, city in the South-eastern Slovenia.  Novo Mesto is surrounded by vineyards, mostly planted with grapes used to produce Cviček, easy drinking wine of white and red grape varieties, with low alcohol, higher acidity well-known for its healing […]

Pun Pisker – Maribor, Eastern Slovenia

Maribor Centre -Trg Leona Štuklja Trg Leona Štuklja, Maribor, Slovenia

Pun Pisker (which can be translated to full pot of food) presents offer of the local restaurants, wine and beer in the centre of Maribor. Event takes place every Friday in the summer months from 10 am to 10 pm. This is essentially street food event, nevertheless on the menu are some very innovative dishes prepared […]

Wine Thursday – Ljubljana, Central Slovenia

Dvorni Bar Dvorni trg 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Every Thursday wine bar "Dvorni Bar" and wine house Koželj organize wine event dedicated to specific wine maker or type of wine. This Thursday visitors will be tasting sparkling wines and Champagnes. We believe this could be a great way to start the festive season.

Štirje MARTINOVI okusi v mestu – Nova Gorica, Western Slovenia

Nova Gorica Bevkov trg, Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Nova Gorica is the town on the far west of Slovenia. Historically it has always been on the crossroads of different cultures and is today a vibrant and lively town with flourishing wine and food scene. Nova Gorica and the neighboring Gorizia in Italy are the twin towns, surrounded by some of the most exciting […]

The Countryside in the City: Gastronomy products from Slovenian farms – Ljubljana, Central Slovenia

Ljubljana Central Market Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Central Market in Ljubljana will host an event "The Countryside in the City: Gastronomy products from Slovenian farms". The event will include the presentation of fine food and wine, farmer's way of life and traditional arts. The Central Market is one of the centers of Ljubljana’s lively food scene: it hosts daily food market (worth […]

Fish soup competition – Lendava, Eastern Slovenia

Lendava Lendava, Lendava, Slovenia

Hearty fish chowders will be cooked in Lendava during the annual International fish chowder competition. Lendava is a town in eastern Slovenia well known for its Pannonian culinary delights - in 2011 Lendava was proclaimed the world capital of bograč – a traditional indigenous stew cooked with different types of meats slow cooked in a […]

Festival Vinarium Bogračfest – Lendava, Eastern Slovenia

Lendava, old city centre Glavna ulica, Lendava, Slovenia

In the old town of Lendava, amidst the historical townhouses at the foot of the picturesque Lendava vineyards, the largest competition in cooking bograč in Slovenia has been held for over a decade now. The event is actually a culinary festival, during which bograč is massively prepared in cauldrons along the main street by the […]

Tržič Bržola Festival – Tržič, North-Western Slovenia

Tržič Tržič, Slovenia

The inhabitants of Tržič celebrate their traditional stew with the one-day festival each autumn. The event takes place in the old town center. The stews are cooked over an open fire, in the old, traditional way.

Festival of wine and white truffles – Kubed, Western Slovenia

Kubed Kubed, Slovenia

The Festival of wine and white truffles highlights one of the greatest culinary delicacies and its pairing with wine. The white truffles can be found in Slovenian Istria have a special character and taste and are very popular among food lovers. The event takes place in the small village, not far from the coastal city […]

Rural holiday in Svečina – Svečina, Eastern Slovenia

Svečina Svečina, Slovenia

Rural holiday in Svečinal is a lively weekend event which takes place in the centre of well-known wine region in north -eastern Slovenia. Right next to the border with Austria, winemakers from Svečina produce one of the best white wines in Slovenia, usually fresh, dry or off dry with characteristic acidity and aromas. Festival boasts […]

Carpaccio story – Koper, Western Slovenia

Carpacciov square, Koper Carpacciov trg, Koper, Slovenia

Carpaccio story is an interesting concept, narrative telling event happening in Koper, a seaside town in western Slovenia. The event celebrates Carpaccio, the dish which was invented in 1950 in Venice's Harry's Bar by Giuseppe Cipriani. ( The name of the dish goes far back, to the 15th-century Venice painting school, when Vittore Carpaccio created […]

Grill & BBQ Festival – Ljubljana, Central Slovenia

Pogačarjev trg Pogačarjev trg, Ljubljana, Slovenia

In the center of Ljubljana Grill & BBQ Festival showcasing the best of Slovenia BBQ scene. The event will host also Slovenian craft beer and winemakers.

Idea Italia – Ljubljana, Central Slovenia

Pogačarjev trg Pogačarjev trg, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Idea Italia is an Italian food market, set up in the centre of Ljubljana with a great selection of food and delicacies from different Italian regions.

Festival Vinska vigred – Metlika, Southern Slovenia

Metlika Metlika, Slovenia

Festival Vinska vigred is a traditional event, which takes place in the old town of Metlika. Much more than just a wine festival Vinska Vigred boasts wide selection of cultural events and many local specialties including the most famous Bela Krajina flat cake. During this 3 days event it is worthwhile to visit the other […]

The week of the Cviček wine – Šentjernej, Southern Slovenia

Šentjernej, South Slovenia Šentjernej, Šentjernej, Slovenia

Traditional event The week of the Cviček wine celebrates iconic wine of South Slovenia (Dolenjska Region) - low alcoholic, light red wine, with characteristic acidity. Cviček has grown in popularity in the last decades and is now well regarded as a fresh, easy drinking, modern style wine. Additionally to low alcohol Cviček has very low level […]

“Zelen” wine festival – Vipavski Križ, Western Slovenia

Vipavski Križ Vipavski Križ, Vipavski Križ, Slovenia

Zelen is a native white wine variety which homeland is a picturesque Vipava valley in western Slovenia. The festival takes place in Vipavski Križ, small, medieval hillside town. Although small the town has several interesting sightseeing, reach history and the flourishing wine culture (  

Karst prosciutto festival – Ljubljana, Central Slovenia

Pogačarjev trg Pogačarjev trg, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Prosciutto from Slovenian Karst is celebrated in the city center of Slovenian capital. Known for its distinctive taste Karst prosciutto is superb local product and also a great wine companion (more info:

Sladolent – Maribor, Eastern Slovenia

Lent Usnjarska ulica 10, Maribor, Slovenia

Festival Lent is one of the biggest summer festivals in Slovenia and Sladolent is a culinary part of it. Set in the old part of the city Lent on the river banks the festival is a lively mixture of music, theatre, dance and other art performances. The food and wine part is taking an important […]

Bled Days / Taste Bled – Bled, western Slovenia

Bled Cesta Svobode 10, Bled, Slovenia

Bled is one of the Slovenian most famous destinations. Alpine lake with island nested in the centre of Slovenian Julian Alps attracts many people from around the world. Taste Bled is a lively event on the Bled lakeside promenade with local culinary delights, art program, and live music.  

Days of Poetry and Wine – Ptuj, Eastern Slovenia

Ptuj Ptuj, Slovenia

Days of Poetry and Wine is an international event which is held every summer in the oldest Slovenian city Ptuj. The festival is an exciting mixture of art performances and tasting of good local wines, seasoned with easy going, charming atmosphere of this small, medieval town. The program of the festival includes exhibitions, poetry readings, […]

Saltpans Feast – Piran, Western Slovenia

Tartini square Piran Tartini square, Piran, Slovenia

Saltpans Feast revives the great tradition of salt production in the Slovenian Coast. The artisan manufacturing of salt has started 700 years ago. Today the salt is still produced by hand and the whole process has not changed much since the old days. More information on salt production can be found here: Saltpans Feast […]

Festival Vinarium, Grape Harvest – Lendava, Eastern Slovenia

Lendava, old city centre Glavna ulica, Lendava, Slovenia

Lendavska trgatev (grape harvest in Lendava) is a traditional early autumn wine and food event, with many additional entertaining performances. It is dedicated to the celebration of the grape harvest, one of the most important vineyard tasks in the year. The vineyards of this region are located on the hills behind the town of Lendava. […]

World Roast Potato Festival – Postojna, Western Slovenia

Postojna, Primorka bus stop Primorka bus stop, Postojna, Slovenia

Among the festivals with a long tradition, the World Roast Potato Festival has a special place. It is dedicated to the only one dish - roast potato. The dish is widely used in Slovenian traditional and domestic cuisine and it even has its fan club and anthem:

Slovenjgraška gostilna – Slovenj Gradec, North – Eastern Slovenia

Slovenj Gradec Glavni Trg, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia

The town of Slovenj Gradec organizes this one-day event, with the aim to promote local cuisine and traditional dishes of the region. On the menu will be traditional dishes - veal stew and dumplings, cooked by the members of local communities. Slovenj Grades is a capital of Slovenian Carinthia, a mountainous region, which boasts picturesque […]

Čokoljana chocolate festival – Ljubljana, Central Slovenia

Pogačarjev trg Pogačarjev trg, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Čokoljana is an outdoor festival which takes place in the old Ljubljana and is fully dedicated to chocolate and chocolate delicacies. It is a lively event with workshops, presentations and of course lots of tastings.

St. Martin`s Day Celebrations in Maribor – Maribor, Eastern Slovenia

Maribor Centre Trg Svobode, Maribor, Slovenia

It should not come as a big surprise that among many events celebrating St. Martin’s Day the one in Maribor is the largest in Slovenia. Town of Old Vine, historically so well connected with wine is celebrating the birth of new wine grandiosely in one of the main city's squares. The legends say the inhabitants of […]

Wine tour in the tunnels under Kranj – Kranj, Northern Slovenia

Kranj Kranj, Slovenia

Wine tour in the tunnels under Kranj is an exciting wine event held in the tunnels under the old town of Kranj, a capital of the Gorenjska region in northern Slovenia. Winemakers from all Slovene wine regions will be present and some from abroad. You will be able to taste local specialties and enjoying in […]

Chili and chocolate festival – Maribor, Eastern Slovenia

Maribor Centre -Trg Leona Štuklja Trg Leona Štuklja, Maribor, Slovenia

Chili and chocolate festival is a lively event taking place in Maribor city center. With over 40 different exhibitors from Slovenia and abroad, the festival is truly a chili and chocolate lover's paradise. This event will include workshops, tastings, kid's programs, and even a chocolate eating competition.

Odprta Kuhna food market – Ljubljana, Central Slovenia

Pogačarjev trg Pogačarjev trg, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Odprta Kuhna – Open Kitchen is almost a year-long open-air gastronomic event which takes place every Friday throughout the spring, summer, and autumn. It is held on “Pogačarjev trg” square in the Ljubljana City Centre – which is essentially part of Ljubljana's Central Market. With Cathedral and Ljubljana Castle in the background and right next […]

PortoRose2 – Rose & Rosé Festival, Portorose – Western Slovenia

Portorož Portorož, Portorož, Slovenia

Portorose hosts exclusive event in the beautiful rose gardens, located right in in the center of this coastal town. The festival blends the artistic events, horticulture and rose wine tasting. The event is a perfect introduction to the summer season with fresh and tasty wines and blues and jazz music.

Summer Wine Pampering – Ljubljana, Central Slovenia

Ljubljana Centre Stritarjeva ulica, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Summer Wine Pampering – lively event in the historical center of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana with wines from all Slovenian wine regions and a large selection of delicious local products.  

Grossmann Film and Wine Festival – Ljutomer, Eastern Slovenia

Ljutomer Ljutomer, Eastern SLovenia, Slovenia

Just a stroll away from the famous Jeruzalem wine region, Grossmann Film and Wine Festival takes over the streets and venues of Ljutomer town every year during the summertime. Accompanied by the wines from the surrounding hills it is a truly enjoyable event and a must-see for all fans of fantasy movies and fine drinks. […]

Wine by the lake – Bled, Western Slovenia

Bled Cesta Svobode 10, Bled, Slovenia

The wine festival in one of the most famous Slovenian tourist destinations will present over 20 established Slovenian winemakers. This 3-day event will take place on the Lakeside Promenade.

Idrija Žlikrof Festival – Idrija , Western Slovenia

Park Mejca Idrija Vodnikova ulica 25, Idrija, Slovenia

One of the typical dishes which originate from the Idrijja region in western Slovenia is Žlikrof. Žlikrof is dumplings made in a special distinctive shape filled with potato stuffing. The dish was widespread among the local mining community and has been going through a renaissance in recent years. Today Žlikrof can be found either as […]

VinDel Salon – Maribor, Eastern Slovenia

Slovene National Theatre Maribor Slovenska ulica 27, Maribor, Slovenia

VinDel - International Wine & Delicacy Salon is a delightful event and showcase of Slovenian wine and food offer. Proudly proclaimed as "The most delicious day of the year", a great selection of wines and delicacies will be offered,  accompanied by culinary events, workshops, and guided tastings.

Sweet Istria – Koper, Western Slovenia

Koper City Centre Koper, Slovenia

The annual Sweet Istria (Sladka Istra) Festival is a great way to discover the coastal city of Koper and enjoy desserts and other sweet delicacies which will be offered on the stands set up in the old city centre. Sweet Istria is the biggest event of its kind in Slovenia and it attracts a large number […]

Old Vine Festival – Maribor, Eastern Slovenia

Maribor Vojašniška ulica 8, Maribor, Slovenia

Old Vine Festival – There are few places in the world which seem to have a special, deep connection to the particular subject. Maribor definitely is such a place. Through history, the city was strongly linked to wine production, wine trading, and distinguished wine culture. Vineyards are located all around the city and in its […]

Jestival Food & Art festival – Kobarid, Western Slovenia

Kobarid Kobarid, Slovenia

Jestival is a one-day Food and Art festival held every year in a little town of Kobarid. Kobarid lies on river Soča – divine, turquoise coloured and the astonishing clean alpine river which flows along the Slovenian border to Italy and is one of the main touristic attractions of the region. Jestival is a  holiday […]

St. Martin’s day in Ljubljana – Ljubljana, Central Slovenia

Ljubljana Centre Stritarjeva ulica, Ljubljana, Slovenia

St. Martin's Day (Martinovanje) - in Slovenia St. Martin's Day is regarded as a most important wine day of the year - this is the day when must turns into wine. The events and celebrations take place all around Slovenia, and special menus including roasted goose with red cabbage and mlinci (traditional pasta made from […]

Radovljica Chocolate Festival – Radovljica, Northern Slovenia

Old Town Centre of Radovljica Radovljica, Slovenia

The Chocolate Festival, the first and only festival of this kind in Slovenia, is organised every year in April. Visit the Festival in the old town centre and taste, smell and see chocolate in a variety of forms, tastes, and colours.