Salon Jeruzalem 2016 – Jeruzalem, Eastern Slovenia

Dvorec Jeruzalem Jeruzalem, Jeruzalem, Slovenia

Salon Jeruzalem, hosted at the elegant boutique hotel, surrounded by the gentle hills covered with vineyards is the occasion you should not miss. It is essentially a about wine presentation and tasting, program might also includes some lectures in English language. This is essentially the most important yearly wine event of the greater Jeruzalem wine […]

MalVin Festival – Novo Mesto, South – Eastern Slovenia

Novo Mesto - Glavni Trg Glavni Trg, Novo Mesto, Slovenia

MalVin Festival (also named Small Festival of Grand Wines) takes place in the historical centre of Novo Mesto, city in the South-eastern Slovenia.  Novo Mesto is surrounded by vineyards, mostly planted with grapes used to produce Cviček, easy drinking wine of white and red grape varieties, with low alcohol, higher acidity well-known for its healing […]

Pun Pisker – Maribor, Eastern Slovenia

Maribor Centre -Trg Leona Štuklja Trg Leona Štuklja, Maribor, Slovenia

Pun Pisker (which can be translated to full pot of food) presents offer of the local restaurants, wine and beer in the centre of Maribor. Event takes place every Friday in the summer months from 10 am to 10 pm. This is essentially street food event, nevertheless on the menu are some very innovative dishes prepared […]

International wine festival TOP VINO by eVino – Ljubljana, Central Slovenia

Cankarjev Dom Prešernova cesta 10, Ljubljana, Slovenia

International wine festival TOP VINO by eVino is a high end wine event with excellent selection of International and local wines. Event will welcome many of the top Bordeaux Chateaus, wines from Tuscany, Spain, Portugal, Austria, California and some great Slovenian winemakers. Wine tastings will be accompanied by various wine related workshops and lectures.

Top Vino – Ljubljana, Central Slovenia

Cankarjev Dom Prešernova cesta 10, Ljubljana, Slovenia

International wine festival TOP VINO by eVino is a high-end wine event with an excellent selection of International and local wines. The event will welcome many of the top Bordeaux Chateaus, wines from Tuscany, Spain, Portugal, Austria, California and a great selection of wines from 30 premium Slovenian winemakers. Wine tastings will be accompanied by various […]

The week of the Cviček wine – Šentjernej, Southern Slovenia

Šentjernej, South Slovenia Šentjernej, Šentjernej, Slovenia

Traditional event The week of the Cviček wine celebrates iconic wine of South Slovenia (Dolenjska Region) - low alcoholic, light red wine, with characteristic acidity. Cviček has grown in popularity in the last decades and is now well regarded as a fresh, easy drinking, modern style wine. Additionally to low alcohol Cviček has very low level […]

In the heart of the land of Teran wine – Tomaj, Western Slovenia

Tomaj Tomaj, Slovenia

Teran Wine homeland in Slovenia is a Karst region, where the refosco vine grows on the red soil called "Terra Rossa" or " Jerina". Terrano contains a lot of minerals and is widely recommended for its health benefits.  At some point in the past Terran was even sold in the pharmacies. This beautiful medicine will be presented by local winemakers […]

Borderwine – Cividale del Friuli, Eastern Italy

Monastero di santa Maria in Valle Via Monastero Maggiore, 34, Cividale del Friuli, Italy

Bordewine is a unique wine event which presents natural wines from 3 neighboring countries: Italy (Friuli Venezia Giulia), Austria and Slovenia. The Borderwine spreads the culture of wine "as it once was made" and the list of exhibitors includes many biodynamic and organic winemakers. The event is held in the beautiful monastery Monastero di Santa Maria in […]

Refosco Festival – Marezige, Western Slovenia

Marezige Marezige, Slovenia

Refosco festival is one of the oldest wine events in Slovenia. It is dedicated to Refosco – an indigenous dark-skinned grape variety and its wines. As it is usually the case with the Slovenian wine events, is not just all about the wine. You might get pleasantly surprised with a complimentary offer of local food […]

Teran Wine and Prosciutto Festival – Dutovlje, Western Slovenia

Dutovlje Dutovlje, Slovenia

Terano Wine and Prosciutto are well regarded culinary companions of Slovenian Karst, and they are celebrated during the two days of Festival in Dutovlje. The festival boasts eventful program which includes art exhibitions, presentation of the best Teran wines, tastings, hiking and even guided tours of the prosciutto manufacture. Prosciutto from the Slovenian Karst region is […]

Days of Poetry and Wine – Ptuj, Eastern Slovenia

Ptuj Ptuj, Slovenia

Days of Poetry and Wine is an international event which is held every summer in the oldest Slovenian city Ptuj. The festival is an exciting mixture of art performances and tasting of good local wines, seasoned with easy going, charming atmosphere of this small, medieval town. The program of the festival includes exhibitions, poetry readings, […]

Salon Traminec – Radenci, Eastern Slovenia

Radenci health & spa resort Zdraviliško naselje 12, Radenci, Slovenia

Salon Traminec is an exciting wine event exclusively dedicated to Gewurztraminer wines, held in the health & spa resort Radenci in eastern Slovenia. The most famous Gewurztraminer wines in Slovenia are produced right in this region, but the event exceeds regional borders. You will be able to taste 100 samples from Slovenia and abroad and […]

Festival Vinarium, Grape Harvest – Lendava, Eastern Slovenia

Lendava, old city centre Glavna ulica, Lendava, Slovenia

Lendavska trgatev (grape harvest in Lendava) is a traditional early autumn wine and food event, with many additional entertaining performances. It is dedicated to the celebration of the grape harvest, one of the most important vineyard tasks in the year. The vineyards of this region are located on the hills behind the town of Lendava. […]

Wine tour in the tunnels under Kranj – Kranj, Northern Slovenia

Kranj Kranj, Slovenia

Wine tour in the tunnels under Kranj is an exciting wine event held in the tunnels under the old town of Kranj, a capital of the Gorenjska region in northern Slovenia. Winemakers from all Slovene wine regions will be present and some from abroad. You will be able to taste local specialties and enjoying in […]

Salon Sauvignon – Ptuj, Eastern Slovenia

Dominican Monastery Ptuj Muzejski trg 1, Ptuj, Slovenia

Salon Sauvignon highlights the greatness of the Sauvignon wines from Slovenia and abroad. The salon takes place in the beautiful Dominican Monastery in the center of Ptuj, a small, charming medieval town in the eastern part of Slovenia. The event will be complemented with a vibrant program of art performances and culinary delights.

Summer Wine Pampering – Ljubljana, Central Slovenia

Ljubljana Centre Stritarjeva ulica, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Summer Wine Pampering – lively event in the historical center of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana with wines from all Slovenian wine regions and a large selection of delicious local products.  

Grossmann Film and Wine Festival – Ljutomer, Eastern Slovenia

Ljutomer Ljutomer, Eastern SLovenia, Slovenia

Just a stroll away from the famous Jeruzalem wine region, Grossmann Film and Wine Festival takes over the streets and venues of Ljutomer town every year during the summertime. Accompanied by the wines from the surrounding hills it is a truly enjoyable event and a must-see for all fans of fantasy movies and fine drinks. […]

Wine and Garlic Festival – Nova Vas nad Dragonjo, Western Slovenia

Nova Vas nad Dragonjo , Nova Vas nad Dragonjo, Slovenia

Wine and Garlic Festival is a pleasant event, set in the small village close to Piran - a gem of the Slovenian coast.  The event offers local wines, notably Malvasia and Refosco, garlic, and local gourmet products.    

Wine by the lake – Bled, Western Slovenia

Bled Cesta Svobode 10, Bled, Slovenia

The wine festival in one of the most famous Slovenian tourist destinations will present over 20 established Slovenian winemakers. This 3-day event will take place on the Lakeside Promenade.

Old Vine Festival – Maribor, Eastern Slovenia

Maribor Vojašniška ulica 8, Maribor, Slovenia

Old Vine Festival – There are few places in the world which seem to have a special, deep connection to the particular subject. Maribor definitely is such a place. Through history, the city was strongly linked to wine production, wine trading, and distinguished wine culture. Vineyards are located all around the city and in its […]

Refuscus Mundi – Izola, Western Slovenia

Izola, Palača Manzioli Manziolijev trg 5, Izola, Slovenia

The Festival Refuscus Mundi, based in a small coastal town Izola is a celebration of Refosco, one of the most popular grape varieties in the region. Refosco is widespread in the North East of Italy, western Slovenia and North West of Croatia. It makes quite diverse wines depending on the region. Wines could be quite […]