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Chestnut Festival – Vitovlje, Western Slovenia

Chestnut Festival is a traditional autumn event happening in Vitovlje, small village in the Western Slovenia, not far from Nova Gorica. The hillsides around Vitovlje are famous for its Chestnut friendly terroir. Chestnuts which can be found here are marrons – the chestnuts of excellent quality and larger in size as the one usually find in forests around Slovenia.
During this weekend event you will be able to enjoy chestnut prepared in all sort of different dishes and varieties. The event will also feature interesting entertainment program and exhibition.
If time allows this event can be used to explore other things Vitovlje and surroundings have to offer, from wine and tourist farms to ”osmice” eight days periods when farmers can offer their homemade products at their homes. Osmice take place all through the year, the list of upcoming events can be found on http://www.osmice.info/.