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Salon Traminec – Negova, Eastern Slovenia

Salon Traminec is an exciting wine event exclusively dedicated to Gewurztraminer wines, held in the medieval Castle in Negova in eastern Slovenia. The most famous Gewurztraminer wines in Slovenia are produced right in this region, but event exceeds regional borders. You will be able to taste 100 samples from Slovenia and abroad and enjoy in culinary delights. The selection of wines is astonishing – from dry type still wines, sparkling wines, sweet wines, matured wines to organic wines and cuvees.
In the medieval times Negova was one of the oldest counts in the region. Negova Castle was built in 15 century and has changed its owners many times through the years. Owned by Hungarian kings, then by Habsburg dynasty and finally and for the longest time by Trautmannsdorfs counts, it has witnessed rich history from Turkish siege in 1605 to more peaceful and prosperous times. For more information on the castle and its history please refer to http://www.gradnegova.si/en.