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Saltpans Feast – Piran, Western Slovenia

Saltpans Feast revives the great tradition of salt production in the Slovenian Coast. The artisan manufacturing of salt has started 700 years ago. Today the salt is still produced by hand and the whole process has not changed much since the old days. More information on salt production can be found here: http://www.soline.si/en.
Saltpans Feast is held on Tartini square in the centre of the beautiful coastal town of Piran. The event will offer a demonstration of the salt making process, a rich art program, and traditional food and drinks.
Part of the event will also take place in the nearby Natural Park of Sečovlje with the still operational saltpans.
If you decide to stay in Piran there is plenty to explore in this gem of Slovenian coastal region. Plenty of information and tips can be found on https://www.portoroz.si/en/discover/piran.