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Olive oil and Chard festival – Padna, Western Slovenia

Olive oil and Chard festival is celebrated at the beginning of summer in a village of Padna in Slovenian Istria. Padna is a small, picturesque village with less than 200 inhabitants, located in the hinterland of a beautiful coastal town Piran.
Through history, the village has become famous for its natural products, notably olive oil and chard, both popular ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine. Festival will feature farmer market, art program, free guided tour of the village, hiking tour, children events and of course tasting of local delicacies.
The event takes place on Saturday and Sunday and is an excellent opportunity to learn about food, the way of life and traditions of Slovenian Istria.
More information about Padna can be found on https://www.portoroz.si/en/discover/slovenian-istria/the-hinterlands.